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Ready to take Your Book Marketing to the Next Level?

Are you overwhelmed by the array of book marketing options, leaving you feeling lost amidst the multitude of choices?

Have you invested time and effort in activities that yielded minimal results?

As a Book Marketing Coach, I understand the challenges many authors face, from the struggle to stand out in a crowded market to the confusion surrounding the latest marketing trends.

I’ll be your partner in navigating the intricacies of promoting your book with a proven approach.

It’s time to break free and elevate your book marketing.

Why Choose a Book Marketing Coach?

Strategic Planning

I’ll help you develop a plan tailored to your unique needs. No more wasted time on ineffective activities—just a clear path to success.

Harness Your Strengths

My personalized approach will guide you in leveraging your unique strengths to attract your audience. This includes identifying what makes your book and brand special creating a magnetic pull for readers.

Get Early Reviews

I’ll guide you on how to get those crucial reviews that can make a significant impact on your book’s success.

Budget-Friendly Promotions

Discover the best promotional opportunities that won’t break the bank. I will help you maximize your resources for optimal results.


I’ll teach you how to develop Facebook and Amazon ads geared to driving traffic to your book sales pages.

Book Launch Preparation

For indie authors, a successful book launch is crucial. I’ll assist you in putting your best foot forward—from crafting a killer blurb to selecting the right keywords and categories, ensuring your cover design is on trend and more.

Empower yourself with a coach that’s committed to your success.

Let’s embark on this journey together!

My Experience

With thirty years of experience, I spent most of my marketing career as a consultant specializing in fresh produce, where I worked with a variety of growers, commodity boards, and associations. My insights, combined with research, have helped clients launch new products, rebrand their business, and implement wildly successful promotional campaigns.

See examples of my portfolio in my previous career as a food marketing consultant.

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