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My Experience

With thirty years of experience, I spent most of my marketing career as a consultant specializing in fresh produce, where I worked with a variety of growers, commodity boards, and associations. My insights, combined with research, have helped clients launch new products, rebrand their business, and implement wildly successful promotional campaigns.


I started an agency, Full Tilt Marketing, with a partner. Ironically, I began writing my first novel that same year, which is when my love for writing fiction began. Over the next ten years, I attended writers’ conferences and immersed myself in the intricacies of the publishing world.


Fueled by a leap of faith, I bid farewell to my agency and took a pivotal step in aligning my professional path with my true calling. That same year, I founded a Women’s Fiction Indie Author Support Group, uniting 25 debut Indie authors in a community of mutual encouragement and growth. As our connections deepened, I naturally transitioned into a coaching role, leveraging my years of marketing expertise to guide authors toward success.


I launched my debut paranormal fiction novel, Sea Magic. The response surpassed expectations, laying the foundation for an exciting journey ahead.

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