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River Magic: Book 2 in the Hidden Gem Series

May 23, 2023

I’m knee deep in writing the second book in my Hidden Gem series. The best part is I get to keep all my beloved main characters while adding a few new ones to spice up the storyline.

Sea Magic set the stage for the entire series because it told the story of Madeline’s progression from being in denial of her psychic abilities to learning to embrace her true nature and ultimately use her gifts to help others. Similar to the TV series the Ghost Whisperer, Madeline will be called on to solve a paranormal problem in each subsequent book.

Just like Sea Magic, this book will also have a dual point of view with Madeline and my new main character, Sparrow. She’s twenty-five years old and lives in New Orleans. After a series of dramatic events, she winds up driving away from a dark entity who’s trailing not so far behind. When her car breaks down, Jason comes to her rescue and offers to give her a ride to his hometown which just happens to be the fictional town of Penbrook, Connecticut.

Sparrow is also an artist who loves to sketch and paint, but she works full time for her mom who owns an herbal shop in the Big Easy. Both Sparrow and her mom come from a long line of healers who’s history stretches all the way back to Africa. After her mother’s sudden death, Sparrow questions her path in life. Should she continue the family legacy or pursue her passion for art?

Madeline’s relationship with Evan will grow more serious as they contemplate moving in together. Of course, there will be drama when Madeline meets Evan’s parents, especially his egotistical, socialite mom.

I’ll be posting additional details, character profiles and more from River Magic in the weeks ahead. In future newsletters, I’ll include bonus content including my first chapter, so if you haven’t already, sign up and stay tuned.


Heidi McIntyre

I’ve always been a dreamer, and I write to share my dreams

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